RIO In-Touch Fly Lines Review - No Stretch Core!

July 24, 2014

How to Choose a Trout Line - Fly Fishing from RIO Products on Vimeo.Alright folks, this isn't going to be just another article about fly lines and the materials they are made out of.  That would be lame.  Instead, let me give you some legit reasons to invest in new gear that will give you a measurable advantage while fishing.

RIO In-Touch Fly Lines Review

Here is my review so we don't waist your time.  I absolutely love the new Rio In-Touch fly lines with the new non-stretch connect core.  I won't try to dazzle you with a bunch of science.  BORING.  Go to the Rio website if you need to know what these are made out of.  The bottom line is that after fishing these lines (and lots of test casting), I discovered that there is waayyyy more stretch in fly lines than folks realize.  My only complaint is that they should have done this sooner.  This technology is not that new!  The overall control, instantaneous hook setting, mending control, and DURABILITY offered by non-stretch lines is simply better.  I don't have anything to complain about and at $89.95 this is a solid deal.  The fact that they don't stretch will help the coating last longer, prevents cracking, and the line will wear much better than one that acts like a bungy cord every time you snag a tree or hit the bottom.

Easy on that hook set Big Boy!  I have heard people say that they have been breaking fish off with non-stretch fly lines.  I think that is a good reason to buy a 3 weight rod hahahah!  6 weight and 6X don't jive. I believe there are other reasons they are breaking fish off.  Fly rods have so much flex that the line should not have an impact on whether or not the tippet breaks.  This is the only negative that I have heard, but I think the positives regarding instant hook sets are so overwhelming I don't know why everyone wouldn't buy an In-Touch line.

How to Choose a Fly Line for Trout

Ask ANY experienced guide and they will tell you.... "a good fly line on a crappy rod is better than a crappy fly line on a good rod".  Read that a couple of times if you didn't get it.  Fly line makes ALL the difference!  It delivers the fly, mends, floats (at least it should!), supports the roll cast, and connects you with the fish.  If you haven't had a new fly line in a while it is time.

A new fly line is like a clean pair of underwear.  You didn't realize how bad your old ones were until you pull on a fresh set.  If you are super-duper cheap, at least get some fly line cleaning towelettes and clean your old one.

How to Tie Your New Rio Fly Line to Your Backing

*all the Rio In-Touch Fly Lines have loops on the backing end, this makes installing your own fly line at home super easy!  We also ship free and pay any sales tax on all orders!

Here is a Short Summary of Why Rio Makes Various Trout Lines

*These 4 lines make up 90% of our floating line sales!  On single handed rods, you don't ever need to "over line" your rod.  Simply choose the style of line that works best for you and buy the exact line weight.

Rio Gold In-Touch Fly Line.- Highest raw line speed and performance. With some skill this line will give you the most distance control and accuracy.  You won't feel the rod load as deep, the cast will be slightly more tip oriented.  (this is my personal favorite as an experienced caster and this goes on all my dry fly rods)

Rio Grand In-Touch Fly Line - This line is approximately one full line weight heavy, i.e. a 5 weight Rio Grand is comparable to a 6 weight Rio Gold.  Why?  This rod helps make fast action rods easier to cast at short range.  This is an amazing line for short quick casts from a drift boat!  It also roll casts well.  This line will rob performance from medium fast action rods, just sayin'.

Rio Perception Fly Line- This line is 1/2 weight heavier than a Rio Gold, i.e. a 5 weight is actually about a 5 1/2 weight line.  Why?  Same reasons as the Grand, just a bit lighter weight.

Rio X-Stream Indicator Fly Line - This line is built for nymph fishing with indicators but actually makes a good Versi-tip System!  You can loop to loop sinking leaders or Light MOW tips and make your bobber rod a sink tip rod.  Pretty cool idea.  This line should be bought right on for line weight.  5 on 5, 6 on 6, etc.

What Type of Caster Are You and What Rod is it Going On?

There is a good video below done by the great Simon G, but I am going to summarize this in my own set of bullet points because I think I can make it shorter.

  • If you are a beginner and have a rod that is titled "fast action" then a Rio Grand In-Touch Fly Line is probably the right fly line for you.  It will make short to moderate range casts feel better and easier to replicate.
  • If you are an intermediate to advanced angler and plan to make a lot of short quick casts from a moving drift boat, get a Rio Grand In-Touch Fly Line
  • If you are a beginner to intermediate caster and have a "medium-fast" action rod the Rio Perception Fly Line is a great choice.
  • Advanced casters that are going to be casting at distances beyond 40 -50' on any rod should get a Rio Gold In-Touch Fly Line.
  • If your rod is going to indicator fish most of the time, the Rio X-Stream Indicator Fly Line is an awesome line.  Big time mending control for the bobber rig.
  • If you are fishing a slow action rod, like Bamboo, get the Rio In Touch Double Taper
  • If you have a medium fast action rod and are fishing dry flies or dry doppers 90% of the time, get the Rio Light Touch - In Touch Fly Line

  1. Great blog with lots of valuable info. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi, I am an intermediate fly caster and I am cough in dilemma between the in-touch gold, grand and perception line. I have a 5wt Redington Vapen rod. I am looking for an all-around line but mainly something that will allow me to fight against windy situation and long-distance cast. I am cough in dilemma mainly because I do like the heavier weight of the perception and the grand but I do also like the longer belly of the gold (better for mending, roll cast), what should l do? Some additional info: I use my 5 wt. Vapen mainly for dry fly and nymph fishing situations, I rarely use it for fishing streamers because I have the 6 wt Redington dually switch rod + chucker ling for this application.
  3. Good review, I use this line for larger rivers here in Pennsylvania. One tip I could offer for people concerned about breaking fish off due to no-stretch cores, especially when nymph fishing, is to build your own leaders. I build mine about 9-10ft. The first 18" is 20lb. Maxima Green Mono, then a 15 lb. flouro for 18", then 10 or 8lb flouro to a 4X flouro tippet. I've found the 20lb Mono is stiff enough to roll heavier rigs but offers a little cushion due to the stretch of mono, especially on bigger fish. Two 22" rainbows and a 23" golden trout so far this year with no breakage problems is testament to the setup. Plus building your own leaders out of straight lines sinks much faster than a heavily tapered mono leader, even a tapered flouro, just my opinion, but it's been working for me successfully. The blood knots connecting each section offer good anchor points for split shot, lead wrap or whatever you use for additional weight if need be. I try to not use weight but even with tungsten heads sometimes you just need that little bit extra and the blood knots keep them from shifting around. Go
  4. I fish Montana for 3-4 months every summer and this past year (July 2015) I purchased a "intouch Rio Perception" 5wt line at a well respected fly shop in West Yellowstone. This line casted phenomenally and I was extremely happy with its overall performance. It was the easiest and smoothest casting I had ever seen. Unfortunately, after only 3 days of fishing I noticed that the exterior coating of the line was cracking in numerous places. After 8 days the line was so badly cracked every 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch that I returned it to the shop who claimed to have never seen a line crack so quickly and they were happy to exchange it for the different brand I requested. There is really a big problem with the outer core being so hard and I really hope they can fix the issue soon as I hope try another one this summer (2016)
  5. I have had the same problem with Rio Grand 6wt after 3 months I emailed the manufacturer who asked for photos (but said that the lines were guaranteed for life) I sent photos - a replacement was sent to me. This was put int use about 12 trips ago. The new line is cracking again. I am about to replace but not encouraged by comments on the in touch lines
  6. I don't live anywhere near your shop, however I do appreciate your great videos and articles and would have you as my preferred shop if I was not 800 miles away. Thank you.
  7. I have fished a InTouch/ Xtreme Indicator line for two years and love the way it loads and casts. I fish Chironomids under an indicator and like a very straight line with no slack for quick hook sets. I have found that my line gets bends in it and I cannot stretch them out. I believe it is because of the no stretch core. I have tried every thing I know to do and I cannot straighten it out. I am changing back to another brand that I can keep straight.
  8. Have gone through half a dozen intouch lines. They crack very fast. Rio replaced them all and stated that they changed the design to fix this issue, but the replaced lines crack as well. It's a shame because these rio lines cast so well, but having to replace a line every 3 weeks is unacceptable