NIB WaterMaster Boat - Box to Trout in 20 Minutes

January 23, 2020

A single person watercraft is one of the most signifanct advantages an angler can give themselves. Floating a river in a one person boat gets you access to more fish, unpressured fish, and is incredibly efficient.  No more hiking up and down the river, or having to get back in the car and driving to the next hole.

Yesterday I decided to demonstrate how easy this by taking a BRAND NEW Watermaster, still in the box, and assembling it for a video and giving it a test drive.  Within 20  minutes of the box opening I was catching trout.

Fins or No Fins?

Most of the time I enjoy having my feet on the ground and don't try to fish while moving.  I just like being connected to the earth I suppose.  In order to Trout Spey fish or Euro Nymph I need to be stationary on foot.  There are some great opportunities to use fins however!  On rivers the fins keep you oriented pointing the right way to float and cast dry flies while drifting.  I don't like nymph fishing with fins on, becuase if I snag or tangle (yes it even happens to me!) then I have to retie while floating or find a place to pull into the shallows.  So if the dry fly fishing on the move is good, fins are awesome.  One super cool thing about this is that you can fish short casts and aim at a steep angle downstream!  It's a very sneaky craft.  

The WaterMaster is awesome on lakes, so long as you don't have any seriously long rowing to do. If you need to row 1/4 to 1/2 mile, no big deal.  Rowing a mile gets pretty old as this boat doesn't skim like some pontoon style boats.   The fins allow you to stay oriented in the wind.  For bass fishing and working shorelines the fins are essential. 

Buy at Red's

It is VERY easy to purchase a boat, choose "in store pickup" and be fishing your boat within minutes after purchasing it. We have a shuttle service and can help pick out a great first float for your WaterMaster.  We'll even get rid of all the cardboard haha!  Live out of state?  Ship it home!

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