Our New... Old Blog

July 14, 2014

How many of you were reading when the Red's blog was just the Powerhour fishing report?  We want to hear about it in the comments below!  It featured the occasional photo and once in a while... maybe even a hyperlink or two.  I can still remember the first time we embedded video!  Oh man, that was exciting.  It would play automatically when you clicked onto the page and drove everyone nuts.  It was my voice shouting, "oh man look at that fish!" or some other over-abused guide phrase.  We used to do all this on a satellite internet connection as we didn't even have a land phone line (let alone high speed internet) at Red's! Steve used to write most of the reports way back when and it was super fun to read.  He would fish an hour or two at at time and hence the name, Powerhour Fishing Report.

I still remember the day the land line got here, everything changed and we started being able to do more photos, content, and bring you better real-time information.  Anyway, what I want to show you guys today is the huge resource that is our "Old Blog".  There are so many great articles on this blog that you can't ignore!  Here is a direct link to our old blog, spend some time looking at the old articles.  http://blog.redsflyshop.com/

The other thing that I would encourage you to look at and become a subscriber of is our Youtube Channel.  Check i it out, Red's Fly Shop Youtube Channel

Here are some of the Categories off of the old blog in fact, this might come in handy!

·         All Articles

·         All Fishing Reports

·         Eastern Washington Lakes

·         Education Lessons and Tips

·         Gear Info and Reviews

·         Klickitat River Fishing Reports

·         Leavenworth Area Fishing Reports

·         Methow River Fishing Reports

·         Naches River Fishing Reports

·         Rocky Ford Fishing Reports

·         Teanaway River Fishing Reports

·         Uncategorized

·         Wenatchee River Fishing Reports

·         Yakima River Calendar

·         Yakima River Fly Fishing Reports

  1. Been reading it daily since you guys stared it. if I can't be there that day at least I can read about what happened. The videos are awesome. Keep up the great work. Red's Fly Shop Rocks!!!!!!!!!
  2. Started using Red's shuttle service back when Red himself ran it with his old red pickup. Guess that makes me a charter member of the "power hour." Been with you guys ever since. Just moved to Battle Ground, but still keeping tabs on the Yak, the Nachez, and already have booked flight to Ascension Bay with Steve next Jan. Looking forward to doing some over-nighters at the lodge this fall after we're settled in. Keep the info coming!
  3. Been reading the blog for years. I still call it the Powerhour. Always good stuff and it makes for great reading during my lunch break at work.