Petition for Access on the Upper Yakima River

February 5, 2016

Hi guys,

One of the other outfitters started a petition to bring some attention towards trying to increase public access on portions of the upper Yakima River.  The details aren't clear yet, but this sounds like a great way to get some conversations started.  Here is the link to sign and demonstrate that this issue is important to all of us.

  1. Signed! Anything to help increase accessible river miles!
  2. Thanks Joe for Red's support on this petition.
  3. Might also try and get TU involved with some matching funds or ?? for our membership fees. Good idea, we need to get behind it!
  4. I am all for increased fishing access on the upper Yakima River.
  5. I hope this will happen i love fishing around yakima river and more access would be awesome! Glad this is happeneing.
  6. more access would be awesome especially around yakima area