Power Hour Fishing Report // Lower Farmlands Trout Spey

June 7, 2019

The Yakima River above Wilson Creek (water-way that runs in at the mouth of the canyon) is flowing right at about 1,800 CFS and climbing this morning. coming into summer, wading acces becomes limted, so we are taking advantage of it. With these very low flows for early summer, it has allowed for some good trout spey opportunity. Jack and I decided to give it a try this morning and it turned into seeing a few quality trout.

Location:  Irene Rinehart Park and Ringer Loop (Wade Fishing)

Anglers:  Colton & Jack

Time:  7:30am-11:00am

Catch Resuls:  3 fish swung, handful of nice grabs

Estimated Hunger level: 3/10

Flies: Sculpzilla Black #8 Sculpzilla Natural #8 Sheila Sculpin #4

The Sculpzilla is hands down one of the best sculpin immitating flies on the market. This morning I chose to swing the black, and as the sun came over the hill side and got onto the water I transitioned to green with hookups on both.

Sheila Sculpin #4

description_image_solitude_Sheila_SculpinThe Sheila a a great pattern to switch things up in the mid day/bright sunny days. For those who prefer swinging a stationary hook over an articulating pattern, this is a must try.

The river is gaining some flow; it becomes very tempting to get out and try to cast your double handing rod as far as possible. Today we found most of our fish with less than 20 feet of running line out. We focused making well placed accurate swings, while being in control enough to put some action into our swing; whether that be rocking the rod tip or just pulling the rod to give it some action. The fish were mainly holding right on the edge of medium/fast pace runs, so the latter part of the swing was crutial. 

Trout Spey Setup 1:

Rod: Sage Pulse 11' 3 weight

Reel: Sage Trout Spey Reel 3-5

Line: Scientific Angler Spey lite 240 grains

Sink tip: OPST Bucket 96 grains 12ft


Trout Spey Setup 2:

Rod: Redington Dually 10'6" 4 weight

Reel: Lamson Remix 3.5

Line: OPST Commando Head 250 grains

OPST Lazar Line 30lb

Sink Tip: OPST Bucket 96 grains 12 ft