Powerhour Fishing Report// Yakima River

April 19, 2019

Hey everybody, I'm here at Reds Fly Shop at about 6:00 April 19. The river is currently at about 3600 CFS and climbing quickly. At the moment it is still fishable but a good pulse of water is expected. A handful of people out on the water came in and gave me a decent fishing report considering the conditions  

Here are the details of Joe's float. The flies and over-all report is combined from alll I've heard today and yesterday.

Location: Mile Marker 20 to Red's

Anglers: Joe R, JJ & Jim

Time:  11:00 to 4:00pm

Catch Resuls:  JJ & Jim collectively caught about 10 fish to the boat; ~5 on dries

Flies: #10 Solitude Bullet (Skwala)

bullet head







Tungsten Bead Psycho Mayflies - Perfect fly for mayfly season, tungsten bead is a great advantage when flows are increasing.

Pat's stone fly (Olive/Brown) #8/10- the go to stonefly nymph in April.. great through the spring months when nothing else is getting the job done

Estimated Hunger Level:  5 out of 10, the fishing was a little tougher but definetely not bad. Had to work for the fish on dries, and picked some up on nymphs in between good dry fly water.

Featured Tackle: 5 Weight, 9 foot Loomis Asquith with the Lamson Speedster! great rod and reel combo for double dries, drie droppers, as well as the ability to pick-up and  turn over nymph set-ups or a  streamer with sink tip when necessary. An awesome all around outfit.

Headwater precipitation is the casue of our  spike of water. Both Wilson Creek and the Teanaway are bringing  fair amount of color into the system so there will be limited visibility in the canyon the next couple of days. Cover areas that you are familiar with and focus on the fishy, medium paced water. Hard work pays off this time of year. Tight lines folks!

  1. I like the Estimated Hunger Level. Is it mostly based off how aggressive the fish are? Or are there are things you are looking at to estimate it?