Powerhour Tip of the Week // Dry Fly Action - "The Ripple Effect"

July 10, 2019

If you want above average success on dry flies, it's not enough to simply drift a big fly down the river.  Savvy anglers will move and agitate their flies to create action, but the real magic is in creating ripples not the physical movement of the bug itself!  Big insects struggle, kick, flap their wings, and make a real fuss.  Most don't actually move much and just struggle in place while drifting downstream.  If you want to add action to your fly less is more

Tiny movements that create rings of ripples around your fly will generate action on mature trout that pass up dead-drift offerings from competing anglers.  Be diligent and precise, SELL your fly to the trout.  It's not a game to them, they must be convinced.  Use the "Ripple Effect" at critical moments when your fly is several feet upstream from a suspicious spot.  The ripples will convince big fat trout know that YOUR fly is the real deal.  Just like you.

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