Powerhour Tip of the Week // Wade OUT & Cast IN

June 13, 2019

Too often we see anglers standing in the wrong water, casting the wrong direction on big rivers.  While trout do live midstream, most often they live up under bushes, in the shadows, under trees, and up underneath cutbanks when that habitat is available to them.  It can be very challenging to fish this structure while on the shoreline, or casting straight upstream.  Look for places where you can flip the situation upside down.  Wading out on a bar and casting toward the shoreline is a simple strategy that changes the game.

Don't Stand ON the Trout Like This Guygrass at back wade fishing yakima canyon joe rotter

Much of the time we don't have a choice.  The grass is at my back in this picture and although I can battle this situation by standing up on the high bank, or fishing straight upstream, it still doesn't change the fact that on big rivers we often stand on the trout.  

When you can identify isolated gravel bars or troughs, make it a point to wade out and cast back into the shore structure.  You won't be able to find these spots every time, but if you know what to look for an how valuable they are you'll be well equipped.

On a Big River - Wade OUT & Cast IN

Look for gravel bars that funnel isolated slots or troughs toward the shoreline. This is also called "fishing the river within the river".  It's an easy method for helping you read water on a big western style stream.

Tackle and Fly Setup

echo shadow x fly rod reviewEcho Shadow X 10'6" 3 Weight Euro Nymphing Rod

Lamson FORCE SuperLight Reel

Black Zebra Midge #16 (trout ate this fly tied as the "dangler" up above the heavier nymph)

Dirty Politician Nymph - Orange #12

RIO Euro Nymph Leader

Simms Intruder Wet Wading Boots (worn over bare feet, no socks required)