New Double Haul Training Technique - with Redington Vapen Rod

January 29, 2015

Every angler gets to the point where its time to step up to the plate for a higher level skill set and some new gear.  There is a video below that outlines both and will teach you a new way to learn and hopefully master "Double Haul" casting.  It also doesn't hurt to get a rod that will rebound and respond positively to your new more aggressive casting style.

The rubber meets the road when the angler starts to ask their gear and bodies to do things they either aren't capable of or trained to do.  Its like trying to win a road race in a 1987 Ford Fiesta.  That car may have gotten you through 7 years of college at WSU but it isn't what you should be driving over the pass at 80 mph when some dude in a mini-van is trying to pass you.  And we all know that a dude in a mini van should not be passing you.  It might be time for an upgrade.

In the shop over a cup of strong coffee we were talking about what the best intermediate level rod is that will offer the caster a performance advantage but is affordable enough for any dedicated angler to afford.  We threw about 4-5 different models and the decision was unanimous. A "fast action" rod that will offer the caster distance, power, some finesse at close range, and will generate tighter loops to deal with the wind.  In the $300 range we like the Redington Vapen with the Cork Grip.  It is $299, which is not exactly cheap, but it is packed with value.  Today we launched a package deal that includes an affordable but value packed reel, the Redington Surge, a RIO Gold Floating Line, and a Redington Vapen rod.  It is a "just add water" setup.  The Vapen is available in lots of different rod weights and lengths which makes it appealing for Steelhead.  I like the 10' 7 weight A LOT.  With an indicator on it... oh man.  Steelhead aren't safe.  

Take a look at the package below you are considering a new rod this year and your budget is less than $400 out the door take a look.

New Technique for learning to Double Haul Fly Cast

  1. Joe, Excellent instruction! You give us a brand new distinction about loading the double haul. The Reddington looks like a remarkable value for a high quality fly rod. Thanks, Hambone
  2. it would be nice of the video,was available to viewers