Brutal Field Test - Redington Predator Fly Rod Brutal Field Test

July 6, 2017

On Day 4 I landed 33 Dorado on this rod!  I had rented out my prime saltwater rods to a bunch of guests going to both Costa Rica and Baja the week of my personal fishing trip with my wife. So what's a guy to do?  Get an affordable rod that will get a weeks worth of fishing done!  I went for the Redington Predator 10 Weight Rod and a Redington Behemoth 11/12 reel (so it would hold mega backing in the event of an oversized Roosterfish!).

I have a full video review coming, but here is a snippet video below. 

My Setup

RIO Leviathan 26' Sink Tip 500 Grains

My Best Fly 

Here is a snippet of one of the 33 Dorado I landed on Day 4!  It was EPIC Dorado fishing and a brutal field test for this 10 weight rod.

  1. Can't beat that warm weather fishing with no shoes on! Awesome looking fight. I'll be taking the Redington Predator 10 and 12 weights with me to Christmas Island this year. Well see how they hold up. I have been using the heck out of the 9/10 Redington Behemoth over here on the salt in Puget Sound and the Strait of Juan De Fuca under pretty harsh saltwater conditions. I haven't had a drag or other part of the reel fail yet, very solid so far even without a sealed drag.
  2. So how was the rod? I'm probably going to order it anyway because it's very nice and looks beefy which is exactly what I'm looking for. I live in Connecticut, so I'll be hooking into Bluefish, Stripers and False Albs primarily, but even those fish can do a number on a rod, especially over a considerable amount of time. I've watched the video you made several times and its obvious to me that the rod has some great strength considering you practically doubled it over haha. Only difference is I'm pairing it with the Allen Kraken reel in a 9wt which is plenty fine for the fishing we've done (off shore/from vessel).