Red's Daily SMS Service - NEW & FREE!!!

May 13, 2015


We are excited to announce the launch of Red's Fly Fishing Daily SMS Updates for our most passionate customers: fly fishing tips, one-minute clinic videos and exclusive, personalized daily deals.


Our customers are passionate about fly fishing and are always looking for opportunities to get in the water and stay outfitted year-round.  We are calling this FREE, new service Red?s Daily SMS Updates, which lets us reach out to you quickly via text and share some great deals, recommendations on flies, unique gear, river reports, experiences and more. 


We will also be sending out links to quick videos on fly fishing techniques and tips.  And because this is a special opt in, invite only service we can provide special one-time deals you will not find anywhere else.


Click here if you want to sign up and see the special offer we are sending out today!


CLICK HERE to sign up for Red's Daily Updates




Steve and Joe

  1. The link to your Reds Daily Updates is not working? Please advise. Thanks! Craig