River is Rising Fast, Time to go Tropical, and Go SEAHAWKS!

December 21, 2014

I am guessing that almost everyone in the PNW and the west coast is probably going to be tuning into the NFL Game of the Week tonight.  We're hoping to watch the Seahawks wrap up the NFC West by defeating Arizona.  It should be a good game.  

In case you were hoping to fish the Yakima River the next few days, we want you to know that the rain has put the river out of shape.  It is skyrocketing right now and becoming unfishable as we speak. Even the creeks are flooding over in the valley.  It might be time to think about doing some last minute shopping with us.  Anything ordered tomorrow by 11 am in the PNW should get there by Christmas Eve!  Shop Online

The other thing to think about is getting booked for our Hosted Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Trips.  We have been taking a booking or two a day, and now is the time to get locked in.  It is a great value and $2595 for 7 nights/6 days.  It is as easy as putting $1,000 down and booking your plane ticket.  Out of Seattle, we take Alaska Flight 208 and 209.  Check into it, email joe@redsflyshop.com with specific questions and lets' go fishing!  March 1st - 8th and March 8th - 15th both have space available.

Gift Certificates - We sell gift certificates that can be redeemed through our online store that are delivered by e-mail, usually within a couple of hours.  It is easy, smooth, and only takes a few minutes.  Load up a $100 or so for a good friend or loved one to enjoy shopping with us. Super easy.

Upland Bird Hunting

Don't forget about all the wingshooting sports and options that we have.  This time of year is perfect for getting your ol' hunting dog or shotgun out. We have sporting clays, guided pheasant hunting, non guided pheasant hunting (bring your own dog, we'll plant some birds for you), or we have shooting classes.

Here is a tip for gun training your young upland dog that Steve put together a few days ago.  We are a great resource for anyone that has your own dog.  You can pick up a crate of Chukars or Pheasants and do your own training on our Mt. Baldy Hunting Preserve just minutes from Red's.