Rocky Ford Report... and the Fattest Trout You've Ever Seen

January 31, 2017

Where, during winter, can you find a place with trout as big as 6-7 pounds with water that is not frozen over?  JoeRoy, Miguel, and I found ourselves wanting a change in scenery and had the itch for some large winter trout.  To clarify, JoeRoy is another Joe that works in our shop and we're still working on his "handle" so as not to be confused with Joe Rotter, blogger in chief here at Red's.  Anywho, we knocked the ice off of our gear and packed up our car and headed east to Rocky Ford Creek.

This unique fishery is a place everybody should see at least once.  This is a spring creek with virtually unlimited visibility.  We experienced catching fish on streamers, nymphs, and even dries!  Yes, I said dries in the middle of winter.  All of the fish were large and had a lot of spunk.  JoeRoy landed the fattest fish we've seen out there.  Look at this fish close and its practically gross!  Ha, just kidding. Fat fish aren't gross. They're beautiful.

This spring creek is fished only from the bank.  It is an easy hike around the creek up and down both sides and there are bridges to cross as well.  As I said the water is extremely clear making it easy to actually see the fish as you are fighting it and you can take great pictures and video as well.  

We all hooked up on a great amount of fish.  We were actually having so much fun we almost forgot to check out the rest of the creek.  Once we realized we were fixating on the trout in one area we started walking downstream.  We stuck to streamers as we went down river and had a lot of luck.  There are some areas where the casting can get tricky so planning your spot to stand and cast is sometimes essential.  

Other areas its narrow enough you have to worry about stealing drifts if there is someone across the river from you.  After fishing down to the lower bridge we crossed and worked out way back up to the top and continued to cast, and yes catch more fish.  We fished from about 10-5 with a break mid-day and never had a desire to head home!

Winter Fishing Tips for Rocky Ford Creek

-Use small tippet and leaders (4x-6x).  These fish do see pressure and the water is very clear.  

-Don’t forget a net!  You can’t step in the creek so you will have a hard time landing fish without it. 

-Bring a variety of flies.  I have a list of suggestions below:

  1. Hey Erik where's this list of flies you speak of? I've been out there a couple times recently to catch on streamers and nymphs. Both times some trout bit at my yarn indicator! Next time think I'll do a dry dropper thing.
  2. Looks like its up now Reed, I was supposed to add those for him last night but couldn't quite get it done.
  3. Reed, I stick to single fly rigs to improve presentation and just sight fish them. I don't use an indicator unless I'm down stream where it's too wide to sight fish. If they are looking up that far throw a dry fly on. Small tippet and flies are the ticket out there!
  4. Nice, thanks guys. I wonder what kind of dries would be the best out there. A guy said he heard mouse patterns and had some takes and follows on one. I will try some of these things.