Runoff coming - Drift Boats For Sale!

April 24, 2018

Spring is sprung, and it looks like we'll see a good push of runoff this week on the Yakima River.  That makes it a perfect time to go drift boat shopping!  Just in time for the Mother's Day Caddis hatch, here are a couple of nice used boats for sale:

2011 Lavro 16'er:
This boat comes river ready with cover, composite oars, and spare tire.  The trailer has been recently serviced and is in good shape. Lavro olive color. Spring Special Offer:  $3250  Click here for photos and more details.

2014 Clackacraft Eddy:
What can you say?  This is the most popular boat Clackacraft is building today.  This boat comes with cover, galvanized trailer, and cataract oars with floating blades.  Dark grey on light grey color scheme.  Spring Special Offer:  $7395 Click here for photos and more details.

We also have a brand new Clackacraft Eddy with Midnight Blue, White, and River rock color scheme on the lot for $9195 Click here for photos and more details.

We, at Red's Fly Shop, are here to help you make the most of your time on the river.  With the river flows fluctuating so much this time of year, we field a lot of questions about float distances and speeds.  The rule of thumb you can use on the Yakima, is that for every 1000 cfs of flow, the river is moving about 1 mile per hour.  That means at the current level of 2500 cfs, it'd take you 4 hours to float form Ringer to Red's if you put your boat in the water and didn't take a backstroke or drop anchor anywhere.  At our normal summertime flows of 4000 cfs, the float speed bumps to 4 mph, meaning you could float Ringer to Roza in 5 hours if you didn't slow down, anchor up, or pull over.  We find that we can consistently take double the standard float time when fishing hard.  This time is occupied pulling over, anchoring up (whether to fish or retie flies!), or just pulling hard to slow the boat down.  Hopefully that information helps you plan your Spring and Summer floats more efficiently.

  1. Anyone have an old Watermaster they are looking to get rid of?