Sage MOD Fly Rods

June 23, 2015

Here we go folks, a new toy to play with.  Sage just went public with their latest premium fly rod, the Sage MOD Fly Rod, the name is short for moderate action and specific for trout fishing, although it comes in many weights and lengths.  The action was born from the need for accuracy, touch, and oh yea - the pure joy that we get from casting fine rods.  It is a fine casting instrument and something that once purchased will offer anglers a high level casting experience for decades.

Sage MOD Fly Rod Reviews

I am glad to see this rod hit the market for many reasons, but the #1 is that I see a lot of loyal Sage owners that want a high end rod and wound up buying the Sage ONE, an amazing rod, but it was simply too fast an action for both their skills and intents.  The ONE is pretty high octane and makes it tough to feather a soft touch cast with an elk hair Caddis in against a pile of brush.  The MOD was designed for fisherman that want optimum performance at real world distances.

Sage MOD Fly Rod Details

We just placed a healthy pre-order of these rods that should be here August 1st.  Here is some more information about the details.  I really like the look of this rod and predict that it will be one of our best sellers.

Sage MOD Spey Rods

The Sage MOD is offered in both 6 and 7 weights in the 13' length.  I personally like my spey rods to have some character and a progressive action.  I really like the Sage ACCEL myself, so I am very excited to get my greedy paws on the new Sage MOD!

Sage MOD Fly Rod Background Information

Renowned fly fishing manufacturer Sage introduces the MOD, designed and handcrafted on Bainbridge Island, USA with Sage?s Konnetic Technology┬«. Thoughtfully crafted with contemporary line designs, fly patterns, and angling styles in mind, the MOD is a modern interpretation of a moderate action specific for trout fisheries.

?I?ve been thinking about this rod for quite some time now, it was conceived as I fished smaller to medium sized trout streams,? says Sage chief rod designer Jerry Siem. ?Konnetic® has made it possible, and it?s quickly become a favorite of our testing team. I like to compare it to the short game in golf, where you need an accurate presentation with a delicate touch. The MOD is optimized for those distances and scenarios.?

In the Spey family, the moderate action of the MOD provides easy and deep loading on Skagit-style lines and soft presentations when paired with a Scandi or long-belly line.

The MOD blank is jade colored and has yellow-green thread wraps with black trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripper guides and hard-chromed snake guides and tip- top complete the blank. The single-hand rods have a zebra wood insert with gloss black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat with a Super Plus cork snub-nose half-wells cork handle. The Spey models feature a gloss black anodized aluminum down-locking reel seat with a Super Plus cork fore and rear grip These rods come in a black powder-coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion with a black rod bag with jade logo and model tag. The MOD singled-hand fly rods are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 weights in 9-foot lengths, and the Spey models come in a 6 and 7 weight in 13-foot lengths. Each single-hand model will retail for $850, and the spey models will retail for $1050.

  1. Hello, do you know when the MOD 4wt 9' might be available for purchase? thank you
  2. I currently have the ONE but I am considering the 5w MOD. What've line preformed best in the MOD?