Sage ONE 590-4 Super Duper Clearance Sale

July 25, 2016

I can't blame you guys.  The Sage ONE is still selling hot even after the introduction of the new Sage X Rod. Its an absolutely amazing rod and is our best seller of all time.  We have quite a few of the ONE 590-4's left in stock and an absolutely SMOKING DEAL on a 590-4 paired up with a Sage 4250 Series Fly Reel pre-loaded and RTF (Ready to Fish).  We would like to sell through these and have slashed the price on a complete package. 

If you were to put this outfit together piece by piece it would come to about $1246.  We have it on sale for $780 for a complete package. It even comes with a leader so you are RTF.  

Complete Sage ONE and Sage 4250 Series Reel Outfit - $780!

I had some older slow motion video clips of me casting this rod so I put them together so you can see that it indeed does bend. More than you think!

  1. Do you have the Sage One 590-4 #5 without out the Sage reel for sales And if so how much. Thanks Shell