Secret Streamer Tactics

August 15, 2016

Here you go, advanced stuff for you guys.  I did a spey trip yesterday and we fished the Farmlands with spey gear and worked on casting. It got technical so I showed the guys a couple of guide voodoo moves and filmed one of them.  

You can learn more on August 21st, I'll do seminar for about an hour or two with lots of tricks like this. Its free, you don't need to sign up, and you can just be there as an innocent bystander!  More info on the Trout Spey Seminar

I have one more spot for Spey 101 August 20th, Spey 101 with Joe Rotter

  1. Nice tip! Looked very fishy. Thanks, nice to see the short spey casts as well. Need to get me a trout spey, see you on the 20th!