Skwala Hatch and Patterns 2015!

January 26, 2015

The river is a bit high again today thanks to the amazing weather that is causing mountain rain instead of snow.  Down in our little "eco-topia" called the Yakima Canyon however it is beautiful.  The morning fog gave way to blue bird skies and it is actually hot sitting near the window in the Canyon River Grill.

Just because you aren't fishing today doesn't mean you can't prepare. The 2015 Skwala Stonefly hatch is going to happen sometime in March which will come up fast.  Today I personally put together your "Skwala Survival Kit" and my 10 year old daughter tagged along with me to work and is putting the fly assortments together right now (she is earning money for a pony).  This assortment will have you well outfitted and it comes neatly packaged in a very good fly box.  It is a good value and also has some fantastic dropper nymphs that imitate a March Brown nymph quite well.  These nymphs can be a killer in late March and early April as this big Mayfly hatch nears.  The March Browns usually peak in early April so be ready!

Skwala Stonefly Fly Patterns 2015

We have a killer 36+ fly Skwala assortment that is well rounded and a great value.  Figure in that we pay your tax if you live in WA and we offer everyone in the lower 48 states FREE Shipping as well!  This is a great value and check out the "add a leaf" option for $5 that is a killer deal.
Skwala Stonefly Flies

This fly box lets you "add a leaf" for $5 that doubles the capacity.  It is a great price on a very good box that also happens to be filled with deadly Skwala Patterns.

Add a Leaf for $5!

Skwala Stonefly Video Playlist 

  1. Thanks for the info Joe. Yea, I headed over today. River was high exiting Lake Easton and I headed down towards the farmlands. Crossed the Teanaway were it meets the Yakima and... Ug! Immediately headed back upstream. Was really tough to find holding water. Landed 1 nice fish on a olive sculpin pattern. Fished just downstream where the CleElum River meets the Yakima. Beautiful day. Thanks again for all you do for us Lee
  2. Awesome catch in the video! He made it look simple. :)
  3. Can I buy this box at the shop