Skwala Stonefly Hatch // Podcast and Tips

February 12, 2020

The vaunted 'SKWALA HATCH' is nearly upon us!  It's very exciting.  I put together a Podcast talking about the ins/outs of this annual event and that's a good place to start. I also included a few photos of the bug, and a link to flies here as well.

Skwala Stonefly Patterns

Artticle - Top Ten Tips for Skwala Stonefly Hatches

skwala stonefly

This is a BIG Skwala. They can be as large as a typical #8 dry fly as adults!

Skwala Stonefly (10)

The Skwala sits LOW and FLAT!  They rarely flutter and flap when on the water and are a "quiet" bug.  They camoflauge well and are very drab in color.

Skwala Stonefly (4)

The nymphs are a light olive color. Not quite Gold but definately more olive than brown or black so choose your nymphs wisely.

skwala stonefly natural and imitations


This is one of our favorite patterns if not the Best Skwala Stonefly Dry Fly of all time.  It just gets bit.  Straight up BIT.

Skwala Stonefly (9)

The "Bitteroot" style Skwala dry fly pattern is a historical killer.  

Skwala Stonefly (3)


The belly of the beast!





  1. I would like to come up and buy some skwala flys
  2. Thanks, Joe, for your excellent blog discussing the mysterious Skwala! You covered all the bases well and I appreciate the in-depth knowledge you provided.
  3. Good podcast on Skwalas! They are certainly a "hidden hatch" that many anglers don't understand--especially if they fish it more like a goldenstone or salmonfly hatch. I've been amazed at how close to the bank and in shallow water a big trout will lie--waiting for the female skwala to swim out to lay her eggs. Do you like to fish unweighted skwala nymphs closer to shore?