Slow Motion Double Haul w/ Notes - Sage SALT 8 Weight

March 7, 2016

Hey folks, here is a video that we shot on a whim last week to help explain the Double Haul cast.  I threw some notes in there that many will find helpful.  

I took the Sage SALT 8 Weight with me last week to test it out on all the fish in Ascension Bay.  I caught a bunch of them.  Overall I really like the rod, as I should with an $850 price tag.  I'll admit that is a lot of money but it beats buying a rod twice.   I have also fished the Sage MOTIVE for a couple of years now and love it at $425 but it simply doesn't place flies like the Sage SALT. 

This rod generates more line speed, distance, and control out of any rod I have ever cast in saltwater.  Which pains me to say because I have a Sage MOTIVE that has caught about 1,000 Bonefish that is now getting benched.  Anyway, the Sage SALT Fly Rod is an excellent rod as should be expected for the price.  Nothing wrong with the Sage MOTIVE either, I love those rods but you should at least try to cast a SALT and learn to Double Haul before making any buying decisions.  Some might also say that you should spend the extra $425 on casting lessons haha.  Not a bad idea either but always keep in mind... practice at home is FREE.  

In addition, on two separate occasions this spring we had customers cast the Sage SALT next to the Sage MOTIVE both chose the SALT and said it was an easy choice.  Despite being twice the price both went for the platinum edition.  

Need Help Learning to Double Haul?  

Come to the Red's Rendezvous on April 23rd and I'll put on a really good clinic.  Its lots of fun and this will be one of the main events.  There is nothing better than getting a face to face explanation and coaching.  There will be more intel to come, but you won't want to miss this!

  1. Looking forward to the class.
  2. Hey you bet, should be a good turnout I hope. I'll do my best to give everyone the intel they need to train themselves. Practice is free and I see folks make such amazing progress when they put just a little time into practice casting.
  3. Thank you for posting. I am not a master caster but I am not sure if you should teach casing yet. Do not take it personal. Practice, practice, practice!!!.. as my Master remands me all the time!!