Social Distancing & COVID 19 // Red's State of Affairs

March 19, 2020

We realize you have been saturated with news on the subject of Corona Virus, but feel compelled to communicate on our current business operations.  Currently our restaurant is closed but our fly shop, lodge, and outfitting services are still open with an attempt at minimizing face to face indoor contact.

While we are grateful to be operating, we are attempting to do so responsibly and need your help if you plan to visit us.  We have had lots of questions and hopefully this short video will answer many of them.

Thank you,

Red's Fly Shop Management and Staff

Things to Know About Red's Current Operations

•    Our guided services, casting lessons, and Fishalong adventures are still operating.  Worldwide travel through May 2020 is all currently canceled and being rescheduled for 2021.
•    Elbow bumps and fist bumps have replaced hugs and handshakes. Don't even try us.
•    Please stay home if you are displaying any symptoms or have had any exposure. Don't risk bringing it to our staff.
•    We need YOUR help to protect our staff and others here. Bring sanitizing agents with you for your hands and drift boat surfaces.  We won't think you're weird, we will be grateful for your help.
•    Guests can meet guides or instructors outside, no need to go into the shop unless you want to.  You can pay and sign waivers online.  Outdoor interaction is preferred.

Need Flies and Tackle? - In Store Pickup for Deadly Dozens

No problem. ALL domestic orders regardless of cost will be shipping free until further notice. 


  1. Joe & Steve, Thanks for the update on your protocols in play. As guests, we can do our part and work together as a team.
  2. Great job guys! No better way to forget about current affairs than a day on the water! I was there recently and had one of my most memorable days on the Yak ever! Best part, I din't think about anything but fishing for over 5 hours! Thank you and keep up the awesome work!! Erik
  3. So I am thinking about what flies to tie while we’re not fishing... any recommendations for easy Mother’s Day Caddis? Or other late spring bugs?