October Caddis Hatch and Patterns... bye bye Stoneflies

September 15, 2014

The stonefly hatch is at its PEAK right now!  With the water so low and clear it is tough to predict when the fishing is going to be hot or not.  Evenings are the best bet but when the nights were cold this past week mid-day was awesome.  In the mix and coming soon is the October Caddis Hatch, be prepared and start fishing the Pupae anytime.

If you are a drifter, shorten your floats and work the water in detail.  If you enjoy wade fishing now is the absolute perfect time.  We implore you to get over here!  Stop by Red's and get some intel and get your feet wet.  The hot days make for perfect wet wading and the water is low low low.  1,500 cfs right now versus 4,000+ during the summer!  It is easy to wade in the water anywhere and you can hike around wherever.  A long day of wade fishing followed up by a great dinner at Canyon River Grill never sounded so good.  Seriously, now is the time!  NO BS here, the conditions are great and we don't just want your guide business.  We genuinely want you to come over and fish independently and have a successful outing.  

The Stonefly Hatch is peaking... but on its way out

I took this photo about 15 minutes ago right in front of the shop. In addition to thousands of spent (dead) stoneflies there were dozens crawling all over the rocks in their final pursuit of love.  They have about another week before they will all expire and getting their breeding done is key. The males don't have wings and you will see them scurrying across the river.  The females are all over the water right now laying eggs.  It is awesome.

October Caddis Hatch

The October Caddis is a big orange lovable bug that hatches this time of year through most of October.  It is an evening oriented bug and flops around on the water laying its eggs.  The trout LOVE it because it offers one last big protein packed food source before winter sets in and they have to start chasing baitfish in order to get a belly full in one bite.

We have already started fishing the Pupae and as the stonefly hatch dwindles most of us will be tying on October Caddis dry flies.  Here are a couple of videos and our preferred patterns:

October Caddis Pupae

October Caddis Pupae Fly Patterns:

Solitude's October Caddis Pupae

September Caddis Pupae - October Caddis Pupae

October Caddis Adult and Dry Fly Patterns

Moorish October Caddis Dry Fly

Reggie Jackson October Caddis Dry Fly

Orange Dragon
  1. Thanks for the video, Joe. That is what I saw on the NIsqually a couple of weeks ago. Going back there this Tuesday.