Streamer Swinging Tip for Trout

June 1, 2016

This Saturday we are hosting the crew from OPST and creators of the famous Skagit Commando lines to put on a clinic AT Red's ON the water.  It will start at 11 am on June 4th and be very comprehensive.  

I just happened to be helping a customer in the fly shop today with his new rod, and decided since we were on the river to give you guys a tip on how to present a fly on a sink tip.

A Couple of Thoughts Here:

  • Don't just fish for the easy or aggressive fish.  Likely most of these have already been caught and they won't be very large.  
  • Critters live on the bottom.  Make your fly swim from the bottom up whenever possible.  
  • Long casts are "hopeful" attempts.  In fact, you might even call them "hopeless" attempts.  On a long cast you aren't targeting a specific fish.  You're simply hoping one will chase down your fly and bite it.  Don't get me wrong here, there are times for it but don't ignore your putter.

  1. Ive been going through your YouTube videos or from your site for about two months now. I appreciate the way you instruct on one basic manuever at a time, I can go out and practice that easily. Thanks for taking the time to put the videos together, I have started fishing with dedication this year and you are really helping me Kathy