Super Deal! - Clearance Sale on Sage VXP Fly Rods

July 17, 2014

Hey everyone, we are so sad to see this rod leave the Sage lineup but there is some new stuff in the pipeline that simply has better materials and technology.  Those guys on Bainbridge work so hard to push the envelope. Our team had the pleasure of touring their workshop this past spring and it was amazing how much quality control and hand craftsmanship goes into each and every one of these rods.  It felt like they should cost more!  The Sage VXP is no exception to this tradition of excellence, we have really enjoyed fishing and selling these rods but it time to make some space for the new rods.

It is a medium fast action rod that is comfortable at all distances but not as quick as the Sage ONE.  At long distance it isn't quite as straight and accurate but we might be splitting hairs there.  It is a great rod that roll casts very well and is a joy to cast.  Customer satisfaction on this rod has been outstanding.

Here ares some videos and tips that Joe shot over the past couple of seasons that feature the VXP to help you with your fishing and get comfortable with the purchase of this rod. 

  1. I love this Sage VXP i have the 490-4 . i have a lot of rods, it's my passion, nothing better then spending the extra dollars for a piece of artwork. look at it like it is a sports car, a good expensive fly rod is much funner then driving your dads hand me down Buick. If fly fishing is your passion, don't go cheap believe me it makes a world of difference. I used to buy cheaper rods, now i have a bunch of rods that i'm not all that excited about, I have some pricey rods to 500 on up, I seen this vxp on sale, and I had to have it hell or high water. And what an amazing rod it turned out to be, I used to tell my wife i'm going fishing. Now i say I'm going fly casting. Now i put the rod before the fish. This rod is what I reach for. It's that good.
  2. So far I love this rod, but I got a better feel putting a 6wt line on it. Caught some nice small mouth bass and white bass on this
  3. Just picked up a 9 - 6 Sage VXP on sale after my 9-6 Winston Nexus snapped in half nymphing on the Truckee. I love the VXP. I recently killed them on the Carson catching 18"-22" trout. The rod allowed me to have a blast reeling them in.
  4. Do you have a six weight vxp?