Time to Let the Dogs Out!

November 11, 2014

This has been another awesome week in the Yakima River canyon!  We are fishing steelhead on the Klickitat and Wenatchee Rivers, trout fishing on the Yakima, and following pointing dogs across the sage brush plains and creek bottoms in search of upland birds.  All of these are great options, and we're extremely lucky to have this variety of choices available.  Trying to decide which one to do is often difficult, however, the extended weather forecast for the upcoming week shows a high pressure system on the way, which may make that decision a bit easier.  High pressure systems on this side of the mountains typically mean beautiful sunny skies and often calm conditions, but cold temperatures, too.  This week calls for temperatures in the teens at night, warming to just over freezing during the day.  While fishing in these conditions can actually be quite good, especially in the afternoons when water temperatures experience a slight bump, some people draw the line on fishing when it's cold enough for the guides to ice up. 

A forecast like this, however, is perfect for wing shooting, and especially chukar hunting.  It is not uncommon to cover 8-10 miles of very rough terrain during a day spent wild chukar hunting.  It's desirable to dress light enough to be slightly chilled at the start of a hike, because you'll certainly warm up, and often perspire, as you scale the steep slopes and descend the deep valleys that these hearty birds call home.  We are lucky to have 15,000 acres of private ground to pursue these birds on.  For those not as ambitious as those wily chukar hunters, we also offer guided and unguided pheasant hunts on our preserve.   Don't feel like you need to drop a bunch of cash to experience the upland opportunities in the Yakima canyon, though.  The majority of the ground on the west side of the river is part of the LT Murray holdings, which is open access public property.  And less than 20 minutes away from our shop is the Yakima Firing center, which is also easy ground to gain access to.  Feel free to contact us regarding any of our guided and unguided hunts, and also for general access information on the public ground.  We are happy to help!  steve@redsflyshop.com


  1. I plan on fly fishing on Sunday do you guys recommend me going out there
  2. Hi Mauro, sorry we missed this. It was very cold, but we managed to put some fish in most of our guided boats. Fishing in the sun was actually pretty nice, but the shade... oh man it was cold. We don't check the comments on these posts every day so if you need short notice help please call the shop at (509) 933-2300 or email staff@redsflyshop.com and we'll help you make a 'go or no-go' decision right away. Thanks for reading and we appreciate your support.
  3. Thanks guys I went to the shop Saturday you guys are awesome great help. I fished Sunday and you guys helped me set up my gear. Did not catch one but I will be out again Sunday thanks guys