Trout Spey Tips with Tom Larimer and Red's Youtube Channel

October 9, 2017

I fished with Tom Larimer the other day, brand manager at G Loomis.  He has spent decades guiding and fishing with spey gear for both Steelhead and Trout. He offered up some great tips on varying the retrieve during the swing.

Tom Larim'ers Setup:

Nautilus X Frame Reel (not great with mono running line but a fine reel for single hand rods or traditional style running lines) 
  1. As always, great into Joe! Hey, on a different topic, you would be doing the community a big favor by informing everyone about the recent rash of truck break in's on the Yakima River. My understanding is over a dozen trucks have been broken into and had thousands of dollars in Fly Fishing gear stolen. I see on the crime map 6 reports at the Ringers launch within the last 2 weeks. Anyone fishing in the area should plan to leave their truck EMPTY, also they have been breaking tinted windows, so push your seat forward so the crooks can look in the back seat to see the cab is empty. Thanks, please spread the word as this is your back yard and there are bad people doing bad things. Thanks, Scott
  2. Regarding the car prowls, there were four break-ins at Irene Rhinehart last Monday. There are signs up now warning of the activity and to keep valuables locked up and out of sight.
  3. Good heads up. Cops are on it boys, and we're warning customers coming through the shop but I don't plan to write an article about it. Every few years there is a spree like this but am sure it will be wrapped up soon if not already taken care of it.