Two Critical Dry Fly Fishing Tips for the Mother's Day Hatch

May 18, 2017

I couldn't help it.  Watching those Caddis fly by my window all day!  I had to get out there.  Here are a couple of tips. The fishing was pretty slow. I had one goal - CATCH FISH THAT I SPOT ON A DRY FLY.  That's it. No casting unless I saw a fish that I wanted feed.  We floated from Umtanum to Red's and I cast at 3 fish.  This evening should be very good.  

Here is a good catch and a few tips!

It was a good little float, here are a few photos.

We watched an Eagle Pick Up a Fish.  The nesting pair just upstream from Red's looks like they have a baby up there. 

The Mother's Day Hatch is Really Cranking!
This hatch will test your dry fly skills!  This loop is being thrown with an Echo 3 490-4 Rod

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