Ultimate Fishing Trip Yesterday

July 28, 2016

Yesterday was a killer day. There are few things more exhilarating than having a Largemouth Bass tackle a popper along the cattails! Many of you followed the timeline yesterday on our Facebook page, if you don't watch that page do it now! Just bookmark it. Its the best live feed out there.  I finally got a chance to head out to our new Bass Lake two days ago with my young sons and scout the lake.  It was actually nice to get off the river and work the shoreline for bass.  Steve fished the lake before we bought in, and after the first time Steve fished it... the lease was signed!  Its a really productive lake.  Lots of Bass so the action is plentiful.  In addition to all around consistent action we have managed to land some extremely large fish.  Here are a few shots from Steve's initial scouting trip.  

We are now offering morning and evening "Half Day" trips during the prime hours.  The cost per boat is $395.  We'll also do the "Bass Trout Combo" which is a long day for $550. We'll float the Yakima for trout and hit the private lake for Bass!

So those shots were taken on a couple of initial scouting trips. Yes, they are big ass bass. Just to keep folks expectations in check, these are special fish and take some finesse to catch.  Not everyone will get a 5 pounder, but you'll all have a chance! Bass can be very selective from a presentation standpoint so you will have to work for them.

Here is a video from our morning Popper Fishing yesterday and how our day began!

After we fished Poppers along the cattails, it slowed down as the sun got higher and we switched up to a Jawbreaker.

We fished the lake for about 3 hours and it was excellent.  We caught a lot of stout 12" bass and a few larger ones.  The small bass are awesome and give a big thrill when they eat the popper fly on the surface.  After the Bass lake we zipped the boat back up on the trailer and drove the 45 minutes back to the Yakima River and did a float for trout with dry flies.  Even for mid-day the fishing was pretty darn good!

Here is a clip of a nice Cutthroat we caught!

We finished our day by about 3:30 pm after meeting in Ellensburg at 5:30 am.  It was a good full day and we saw the best that Central Washington had to offer.  
  1. is that Hill Top lake near the Gorge?