Upcoming Spey Casting Classes

August 7, 2016

Decide to succeed. Steelhead season is approaching fast and its time to make plans and get your game together.  Especially YOUR CAST!  Don't wait till the fish are running to try and figure this stuff out. That is a recipe for failure.  We have some classes coming up to help you out. I strongly encourage you to get signed up and learn from us.

I am personally going to be teaching 2 upcoming spey casting classes, and putting on a FREE Trout Spey Seminar on August 21st. The classes are limited to 5 anglers per class, so register right away while there is still space.  The seminar is a big group format, no RSVP needed. It will be great and you'll learn some cool stuff at the Trout Spey seminar.  
  1. Hi guys, anyone plan to come on August 21st for the Trout Spey Seminar? This is the free one.
  2. Probably a ridiculous question (hence the fake name) but is a 2 handed rod required? I have a 9 foot, 9 weight that was built for salmon fishing years ago on Sage blanks.
  3. Looking forward to Spey seminar.
  4. I can provide rods, you won't need one for the 21st anyway.