Update and Summer Fishing

July 5, 2014

The wildfire just to the northeast of us is all but out.  We're still without power for the time being, but that shouldn't stop anyone from hitting the river.  The rising flows are bringing us right back up to normal summer conditions and the fish will be migrating toward the shore as the current velocity picks up momentum.

Two nights ago was amazing dry fly fishing using the "Double Dry" for the last hour or so.  During the day we used a dry dropper and picked apart all the shallow water and the fish were noticeably attracted to the fast riffles mid-day.  If it was less than 18" deep with white cap riffles then it was loaded with fish!

Here are a few fly ideas that we used the other night:

Corn Fed Caddis - Evening trailing dry fly 
Yeager's Tantrum Tan - Dry Fly/Indicator Dry for Dry/Dropper Setup
McKnight's Fat Boy - Dry Fly Solo or lightweight dropper nymph transport
Bloom's CDC Caddis Emerger - Use this for the picky trout that are rising in the evening... most aren't picky right now though!

Dropper Nymphs:

Blue Holo Prince #12/14 - This thing was rockin' 'em underneath!

  1. What do you charge for a full day float trip and a half day float in late july(last week of the month) .Thanks
  2. $430 Full Day, $350 Half Day and we would love to guide you!