The View From My Office - Yakima Looking Good!

January 15, 2015

The Yakima is back in great shape and I have been watching it these past few days wishing I was fishing.  The view from the office isn't bad right now, my apologies if you can't see a Blue Ribbon Trout River from where you are at.  This is the time of year we hustle to get all the plans laid out for the upcoming season so we can fish our brains out on the flats in Ascension Bay, Christmas Island, the Skwala Hatch, Mother's Day Caddis, oh man we have a lot of good stuff coming up!  Make 2015 your dream season.  Get planning now for this season.  Lay out some weekends now and don't let the season slip away.  I strongly encourage you to book your Multi-Day Klickitat River Trips very soon.

Naches River Expanded Catch-and-Release!

This was some of the best news that I have gotten in a long time.  The WDFW has expanded the Catch-and-Release section on the Naches River by another 17 miles which was desperately needed for that river to sustain any type of quality wild trout population.  Give it a few years and we'll have something very special on our hands.  Thanks to everyone that supported this legislation that we spearheaded.  If you didn't submit your input to WDFW on this one, don't worry - you'll have your chance on the next one. There are a few other fisheries that need some help.  Also, thanks to all the nice emails and support we got after this was announced yesterday. We appreciate the support and your attention to conservation.

2015 Event Calendar

Take a peak at some of the upcoming classes and events we are hosting this year.  We're adding new content daily and have some great new class offerings including a FREE Spey and Switch Rod casting class every couple weeks, 2 hour casting lessons for $29 for intermediate level anglers, and a hosted wading outing to Rocky Ford mid-week to avoid the traffic.  We'll have a lot more good stuff hitting the calendar, so stay tuned.  Upcoming Events and Classes 

Mark your calendar for April 25th, the Red's Rendezvous VI is that day and we'll have some great guest presenters.  Simon Gawesworth of RIO products will be our featured Spey Casting host and will be doing 2-3 separate sessions.  It is going to be one heck of an event!

Upland Bird Dog Training Clinic 

More than a few of you loyal "blog creepers" are bird hunters. Check out the bird dog training clinic coming up.  It is $99 and includes a "bucket o' birds" which is 5 live Chukar.  The pro instruction is free and you'll gets some great advice.  Make sure to RSVP and get your dog out here for a tune-up and advice.   Coy Moore will be there as our expert trainer.  He trained a couple of Steve Joyce's dogs and they are stellar Chukar dogs.   He operates Reliable Kennels and has done a fantastic job for us and some of our clients.  
  1. Awesome news on the Naches dude! Tromped all over that river back in the day, so glad for the new regs!
  2. Thanks Nate, it will take a few years and some education to all the campers at the various campgrounds along the river. I plan to hang WDFW's signs wherever I can to help spread the word for daily users. There was a lot of conflict regarding the rule change, but I believe that in a few years everyone (including the folks that have been opposed) will be glad to see the catch and size increase.
  3. This is really great news!!!! The Naches is a real gem and deserves every bit of this attention!