Welcome to Our Cage

November 19, 2014

Hi folks, welcome to our "cage" where we store most of our inventory at Red's.  I know it seems hard to believe for those that have been on our sales floor, but half our shop is downstairs!  We call it "the cage".  

We have been spending a fair amount of time inside working on the shop this past week. We have been cleaning up our inventory and posting a ton of products on our clearance page.  There are some killer deals on here, so check it out and we are posting new items every day.  Every order over $50 in the lower 48 ships free, AND if you live in Washington State we'll pay your sales tax on all online purchases!  We have some clothing up to 70% OFF - see the Clearance Clothing page for some amazing deals. 

Clearance Deals Right Now!
We are a pretty big shop and wanted to invite you guys into our "cage" in the basement where all of our shipping takes place.  Very few people even realize that much of our shop business actually takes place downstairs where a crew is working the phones and computers helping customers.  In this cage, haha that term makes me laugh, is where you will find, me, RE Cornelius, and of course our in house guru of all things fly fishing - Craig Hettinger.

Craig working the phones... and computer.
At the end of every season we always have some odds and ends to clean up, so be sure to check our clearance page frequently, along with Deal of the Day!  We're constantly updating it and you'll find some one time deals on there that are hard to pass up.
Reels, reel, and more fly reels!
Reels, reels, and more reels!  Clearance or not... we are ready to rope up a new reel for you and ship it today.
Fly Lines Galore
Need a new fly line?  This is just what we have downstairs!  Let us set you up and put together a complete rod, reel, and line package. 

Fly Rods on Sale Now!
While those Sage ONE rods aren't on sale, they are ready to ship!  We do have a few on sale, check it out and see if you can find a super deal on a new rod.  

  1. Hi guys, i have an Echo 6wt 10'-10". i am wondering about your opinion for optimal lines for this rod. i have an Outbound 8wt and a 9wt Chukar which i have used a lot in western AK float trips. in one season the Chuckar has a lot of fractures and i am looking for something not so heavy. Do you guys have any favorite combinations for this rod? i feel i have not quite found the right combination. i also have an 8wt 9' Echo 3. i am trying to do some ocean flats fishing on Maui. any suggestions for this set-up? with appreciation, bill