What a Testimonial!

November 21, 2016

This is a good one and a few laughs along the way. We have great customers and thank you to everyone that supports Red's. We are so appreciative of your support. We have thousands of great testimonials out there, and we're so proud of our staff when they go the extra mile for the customer. Which is often. If anyone else has anything they would like to share, feel free to put in the comments below. This is well written and we had to share. 

Testimonial From a Customer. 

"So a couple of months ago I bought a Chromer Package from you to use on steelhead, at about the same time I bought two Dually rods from two other sites for use on Salmon. This was all before Salmon or steelhead season started here in NY. One of the Dually’s was for my son. So the first day out Salmon fishing he is clearing a snag and breaks the rod in half, a manufacturing defect. Long story short I finally get a hold of the site where we bought the broken Dually (not you) and I purchase a second Dually because they cannot get me a warranty replacement in time for next weeks fishing. 

They will credit me weeks later when they square up with Redington. So just before I get off the phone I ask when it will arrive and they say by Friday, which is not good enough because we are leaving Thursday, so I offer to pay extra to get it sooner. They agree to send it out express for Wednesday delivery, all good. Guess what, the rod does not show until Saturday, which is not the end of the world for me because we have others, but for someone who has it as their only rod during a short salmon season a real problem . So now to the good part. 

The good part is on Monday I’m slight perturbed with these guys and proceed to call them up on the matter. And because my head was still frozen or maybe I had banged it on a rock fishing, I looked up Reds Fly Shop (not where I bought it if you are having trouble keeping up) on my phone and promptly started tearing someone a new one. Not really. I was polite but I can be sarcastic when upset. So the first person I get is a young women who is not at fault and does not need yelled at. I promptly asked for someone I could yell at (seriously). That’s when she connects me to Craig in Shipping who sounds older and immediately takes responsibility and listens to me **itch for a few moments with great calm. 

Craig figures out pretty quick (because he ships everything) that Red's wasn’t at fault, but he is kind, he looks me up and sees that I bought a Chromer NOT a Dually, and here is the classic line he says, “oh oh this is going to be embarrassing”. Now I still have not figured it out but he says “look up the receipt on your email” when I find the Dually on my phone I now realize that I never bought it from Red's and I’d been yelling at Craig for about 10 minutes! So as I look for a rock to crawl under and apologize, Craig is even better, he starts laughing and letting me of the hook multiple times. Says it’s the best day he’s had in a long time…he says “it makes my day to know someone else screws up every now and again”. We laughed like drunk fisherman around the fire. ABSOLUTELY GREAT GUY!!! 

Now as you can imagine I’ve told everyone I know this story but I felt compelled to tell you guys as well. But as they say on TV, wait we’re not done yet. A few weeks later a small box shows up from UPS from Reds Fly Shop. My son and I get it together and he says what did you buy from Reds, I’ve got no idea but given my last experience I’m scared to even speculate. Well guess what, Craig had taken a Reds hat and stuffed it in a box with a post it note that said “Best Day of the Week!”

Thanks Craig. This now becomes one of my all time favorite stories, best customer service experiences and great memories. Simply put, If I can buy it from Reds I will, that’s the kind of service that makes a difference in today’s marketplace. Someone should give Craig a raise. So here is the deal, you feel free to post this wherever you can. I sincerely hope that it helps your business and if I’m ever out there I want to go fishing with Craig. I’ll send a picture of me, the hat, the Chromer and a steelhead as soon as I catch one."

 Thanks Again Greg Novak Canandaigua NY
  1. I just want to second the kudos for Craig. I've ordered numerous items from him and he's always been super. He's always offered great advice when I'm attempting to evaluate equipment for purchase.
  2. Top notch Red's. Nothing out of the norm for those who live close and make you our local outfitter! Good example of why we choose you guys. Great work! -Drew
  3. Red's is terrific, and Craig goes out of his way to answer my rookie questions, patiently. I live on the East Coast and somehow found Red's on the Internet by accident. I placed an order for a switch rod package and Craig was great stepping me through its design, etc. That was about a year ago and I have been dealing with them on a regular basis since then. I'm hooked. (No pun intended.)
  4. Craig is outstanding and been so helpful in so many ways. Great Kudos to the Master!!!