What You Should Be Doing Right Now // Off Season Tips

December 29, 2019

Most anglers don't prefer to fish when it's below 40 degrees out.  Although we do have some wonderful fishing this time of year, it's not for everyone and that is OK!  In this Podcast I dive into some things that anglers should do to take advantage of the down time.  Size up your flies, gear systems, lines, waders, and other small tackle items.  You can certainly listen to the Podcast right here on the blog, or for the best listening experience download the App and listen on our official channel.  The MEND Podcast by Red's Fly Shop

FORGOT TO MENTION! - I would spend some time using the Basemap App.  Go to http://www.basemap.com/reds and download this App.  Read this blog on some background and watch the video as well.  


Tackle and Links Mentioned in This Podcast

Get prepared for warming conditions this spring by evaluating where you are at gear wise and fly wise.  You'll thank me later.  Anglers should be capable of spontaneous adventures.