What's Been Going On Out Here?

December 29, 2016

New at Red's

One would think this is the time of year we get to sit around and drink coffee and tie flies, show up about noon, leave about 3 pm HA!  Ok, maybe that has happened once or twice but the truth is right now is when we get all the chores done so that we can fish in the spring. One big project has been overhauling our online store.

We have worked hard to make it more user friendly, offering faster navigation, and its mobile device compatible as well.  Check Out The New Online Store Design

We're also building our 2017 Calendar of Events including the 8th Annual Red's Rendezvous, new classes including FREE How to Row a Drift Boat/Pontoon Boat Classes!  Keep checking back to the blog once in a while and see what conditions are like. As things warm up and we get a handle on our chores you'll be seeing a lot of fishing updates, tips, and tactics.  

Fishing Conditions 

We've had a few small windows of fishable conditions out here on the Yakima, but overall it has been very cold with temperatures dipping into the single digits and teens.  The ice flow took over for about 10 days and gave us a different look at the river which most of you don't get to see unless you work in the Yakima River Canyon.
Here is a little video clip from last week, watch our Facebook Page for the most up to date reports. 

Here is a Video Clip from TODAY!

We're in a bit warmer trend right now, but the door is going to close fast and hard this weekend as temps will dip into the single digits, and possibly below 0 degrees in Ellensburg. 

Here is a snapshot of the 10 Day Forecast. If you can make it out to fish this weekend, it might be worth a shot.  If you are thinking about next week, I believe we'll be under Ice Flow all week.  Take a look at Monday/Tuesday.  

  1. Thanks for the update. If you haven't already thought about it, I'd like to put in a request for 2017 classes on rowing personal watercraft and another seminar type class on spey/trout spey casting (similar to the one you did toward the end of last summer).
  2. Or..... you could be fishing every day anyways. Fish still have to eat!