Whitewater and Cutthroats

July 8, 2014

Date: 7/6/14

Anglers: Brian, Brooke and Bailey

Flies:  Golden Chubby Chernobyl, Orange Chubby Chernobyl, Purple Chubby Chernobyl, BH Pheasant Tail, Tan/Brown Pat?s Stone, Orange Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Tungsten BH Hare?s Ear, Olive Anato May.

Location: Naches River, A mile above Whistlin? Jack Lodge to the Woodshed.

Results: 10+ fish landed, including two ?trophy? class cutthroat trout.

Exploring a new river is every guides, nay, every fly-fisherman?s dream, especially when you get to explore one of such profound beauty that also elicits an exciting fishing experience.  On Sunday Brian, Brooke and I were allowed to experience just that when we grabbed a raft and headed down to the Naches River for some research and relaxation in the hot Holiday weekend weather.

We launched about a mile above Whistlin? Jacks by dropping the rafter down a small embankment from a turnout and end our day at the Woodshed.  This section is quite technical with some narrow, skinny, fast moving water and I would not recommend it for the novice boatperson.  It is, however, quite scenic and a welcome change of pace from the Yakima. It?s cold, crystalline water pools up in deep emerald colored pools and runs produce some really amazing fishing experiences.  

We started fishing dries and almost immediately downstream from the launch, Brooke hooked into a very large cutthroat trout on a Golden Chubby.  After some gentle ribbing from Brian and quite the feisty attitude from the fish, the fish was landed and quickly released.  Dries continued to be the story for the rest of the day as we stuck with them for the most part.  Despite our best efforts Brian and I couldn't top the size of the first fish and Brooke remained atop her throne of fishiest person landing a couple more hogs. 

Our best luck was on the Chubby with a tungsten BH Hares Ear dropper, although any number of large dry flies and small droppers worked. We nymphed a Pat's Stone part of the day and Brian hooked into a monster in a really fishy run across from the Squaw Rock CG, but alas it was not to be as it shook it's head and freed itself.

Overall nothing could top the company or the scenery; the echoes of our laughter are most likely still reverberating off the canyon walls.  Oh and the dry fly fishing was superb too, when we actually focused enough to cast.  I would recommend this trip to anyone as it is an exciting experience and one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences we have to offer.

Sidenote: All photographs by Brooke Ringe.

  1. Sounds like blast! I have been wanting to get on the Naches for a while now. When is the latest / lowest flows you would recommend for floating this river? Thanks!
  2. Luke, the lowest we want to fish it from a boat is around 600 CFS at Cliffdell, any lower than that and gets too skinny. The later we get into the summer the further upriver you are going to want to go as the fish move into the cooler stretches of water.
  3. My dad and I are taking a weekend trip this weekend to take the camping gear for a test run in preparation for our trip to the St. Joe River. I have heard lots about the Naches and looks like a lot of fun to fish. My question is that, is it easy to wade right now? We do not have a boat so we are limited to just wading. Also we were thinking about staying at halfway flat campground. Is this a good site? Any other suggestions?