Yakima is Looking Good, Quick Change

June 6, 2014

Wow that was fast.  The recovery was as fast as the rise!  The burst of water that tipped our fishing over the last 48 hours has receded and we are in great shape for this weekend all throughout the system.  

Check out the drop in Cle Elum, this is due to the releases out of the reservoirs going up.... up.... and then DOWN.  Thank you guy at the dam for saving our weekend!  Fishing should be very good.

Green Pen - Shows the big drop that started yesterday, the fish are happier now. :)

Fishing Advice - Go fishing is our advice!  The fishing during the day in the Lower Canyon/Farmlands will most likely be nymph fishing with some shots on fish eating PMD's mid-day, then Caddis starting around 4 pm as the shadows get longer.  On the Upper Yakima River (above Ellensburg), try dry fly fishing with Golden Stones, Flying Ants, and Yellow Sallies.  The wind is scheduled to blow, big surprise, tomorrow so consider that before you partake in the Cle Elum to Thorp section or as we like to call it the Death March when the wind is blowing.  You are not weak if you choose to seek refuge in the Lower Canyon, it is just smart.  The Cle Elum to Thorp section is the windiest piece of the Yakima River, look for calm days before you put your boat in up there.