Yakima River Fishing Report

November 11, 2016

Don't forget to go through your network today and personally thank the Veterans in your circle!  Thank them for your freedom to fish and the security of our public lands.

Here is a quick fishing update from yesterday.  One of our long time friends and former guides, Luke, took his son Sebastian out yesterday in the Lower Canyon and had a great day.  The river has been very stable and consistent, unlike the Spring there honestly isn't a lot to report in the fall.

The water is low and clear and hatches come and go based on daily temperatures and cloud cover.  If there is cloud cover at night, the water temp will often stay higher thanks to above freezing night time temperatures.  There are a few Blue Winged Olives in the #18 to #20 range hatch in the afternoons and if you can find fish feeding on them it is a great game!  These fish can be picky.

Yesterday Luke reported very good fishing on a few well known Red's patterns. Its a lot more about just getting out there and finding the water you know and like.  Beyond that, its not super complicated.  You just need to make the decision to go people!

Luke put his son Sebastian in some great water and at one point the young man is quoted as saying, "it just doesn't seem fair any more dad". Ha!  That is good fishing right there.  And good parenting.  The boy recognizes when the challenge is up.  It doesn't mean he stopped catching though!  Kid's gotta feel the tug.  I think he has a sportsman on his hands with this one however. Dry flies and spey casting are in his future. The force is strong with this one.  

Luke's Three Top Recommended Bugs for the Yakima in November

Pshcho Mayfly Nymph  - This fly features a Tungsten Beadhead and more than just being dense, this super heavy bead allows the fly to control the tippet and drift naturally.

Olive and Red Zebra Midges - The little guys imitate pretty much anything small and green.  Which is almost every insect!  Great "go to".  Simple and effective.

Anato Mayfly Nymph - Do I even need to explain why this one works so ridiculously well?