Yakima River Fishing Report

March 26, 2017

The Yakima is hanging in there with about 2'+ of visibility and fishing is challenging but decent catching for the guide boats.  Anglers really need to concentrate on slow water and being very patient at 3,500 cfs and cold water.  Its tricky trying to isolate a soft little pocket of water.  Find a spot you know there are fish, don't spook them, and work through at a very slow pace.

Below are a few snippets from Facebook and one from Youtube over the past couple of days, because we can update from on the water that is our best and most recent source of intel regarding the bite.

The dry fly fishing is just getting going, but you'll have to be very patient and fish hard for a half dozen or so takes in a day of fishing. That number may increase to 10-12 fish to the fly over the next couple of days but its still a bit sluggish.  Either way, its a great time to get out here and take on the adventure of spring fishing.   We just don't know from day to day how aggressive the bite is going to be. There are plenty of adult Skwalas and the fish have been good sized on average so things are getting interesting. 


  1. Hi Joe, Thanks for the report and nice pics. How many days does this hatch last and what time of day are you seeing dry fly activity?
  2. Jorge, This can go into mid-April, the prime time is typically noon - 4 pm. It can be great, look for the river to stay below 4,000 cfs at Umtanum.