Yakima River Fishing Report

June 7, 2021

The cooler weather has the river in pristine condition with low and clear flows! We are seeing Golden Stoneflies, PMD's, Caddis, and a few Salmon Flies are still kicking around. As the river drops, the trout are likely to begin looking for dry flies as many of the spring food sources begin to lock up under rocks and become less vulnerable in the currently stable river flows.

Forcast for this week looks great for water conditions. It will be cool nights, warm days, and provide some consistent river conditions.  Consider a full blow nymphing strategy in the front half of the day, then start looking for PMD's, Golden Stones, and Caddis in the afternoon hours.  Trout sipping gently on the surface are likely on the yellow PMD mayflies, swirling and splashy takes are more likley Caddis or Stonefly action.

Current Hatches on the Yakima River:

PMD Hatch
Golden Stonefly Hatch
Caddis Dry Flies
Caddis Pupae/Nymph Patterns

Salmon Fly Hatch (more above Thorp)