Yakima River Fishing Report // Late Summer Terrestrials

August 24, 2021

Late summer means LOW, CLEAR water... and hungry trout. These fish want your fly to be real. Trust me. They are hungry but they are also well educated after a long summer of having every bug in the shop thrown their way.  Consider focusing on small and very natural terrestrial patterns as the summer sun begins to fade into the long shadows of fall.  

There is a surplus of insects living along the shore in the form of ants, bees, hoppers, beetles, and other UFO type terrestrials we don't know the names of.  Fish these dry flies on light supple leaders and work on developing the most natural presentation possible.

Top Picks for Late Summer Terrestrials:

Bumble Butt Bee (fish this one immediately after a colder night)

Point Guard Beetle

Tim's Beetle

Juicy Hopper (Olive is the most natural hopper match IMO)

Crane Flies: