Yakima River Fishing Report - October Caddis/Farmlands

September 10, 2014

The river is low, clear, and fishy!  I would recommend coming into Red's for the most current advice on flies, we're a bit behind on getting all of the current patterns online especially the October Caddis Pupae.  We have a killer pattern but haven't had time to get it online.  Stop in and get a half dozen of these.  The big fish favor them!

Above is the early stage of the Pupae that is contained with a "case" made of pebbles, sand, and other debris. Below is a later stage that is just about to hatch and more what they look like free crawling when the fish eat them.

A Few Tips:
  1. Search with stonefly dry flies, Tupac Stone, Stimulators, small Chubby types during the day.  4X to your biggest flies at most.  It helps them drift and you get better hookups.
  2. Nymphs need to be downsized and 5X Fluorocarbon or even the dreaded 6X (I should have made the font smaller to help you adjust your eyes for tying this) is in order.  #18's, 20's, and midge patterns are king.
  3. Yarn Indicators.  I wouldn't say this again... and again, and again if it wasn't an advantage.
  4. Small dry flies.  DON'T ignore Split Wing Adams, Wulff's, Humpy's, BWO's, and general caddis.  Dry flies typically present better than nymphs in low water.

Farmlands Intel:

The float from Irene to Ringer is theortecically "open" but there are a few tight spots.  Be careful.  There were a handful of fellow guides in there yesterday but the dry fly fishing was great. If you plan to float this without a guide be very safe.  The channel is tiny in places right now with some logs/branches hanging out here and there.