Yakima River Looking GREAT!

May 6, 2016


The next week looks like the perfect storm for the Mother's Day Caddis Hatch. Its time to fish. Pick up your phone and call your buddy, then call Red's.  The hatch will look like the picture above and at times every fish in the river will be up near the surface feeding.  There will no doubt be some tough times, but for those that have witness EVERY SINGLE FISH UP FEEDING it is unbelievable.  

The river flow forecast has changed dramatically and things have finally taken a turn in our favor!  http://www.nwrfc.noaa.gov/river/station/flowplot/flowplot.cgi?id=UMTW1

This might be the shortest report ever, but the next 8 days should be stellar.  As the river flows take a dive early next week we should see a few periods of incredible dry fly fishing.  Not every day will be 5 stars, but there will be some 6 and 7 star outings!

I am off to the river!  Sorry to be so brief.  

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