Yakima River Report and SUPER Versatile Nymph // July 30th, 2020

July 30, 2020

The river swelled up to our high, but typical, summertime flows this past week. For several days the fishing was fairly tough on both dry flies and nymphs with big particulate, sticks, and vegetation floating in the water column.  Things are now beginning to settle out and we're back on track with water getting cleaner by the hour.

We'll be seeing the daytime dry fly fishing improve a bit over the "dawn and dusk" routine we've had over the past month.  In August the trout will begin to scrounge along the banks for any scraps they can pickup as the stonefly and caddis hatches dwindle. This can make for some challenging but very rewarding fishing!  Placing a big hopper pattern along the grass blades will result in some unforgettable strikes!

GumDropper - Super Versatile Nymph Pattern



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