Yakima River Weekly Report - HOT NEW DRY FLY // July 23rd, 2020

July 23, 2020

This river has some attitude!  Flows are high, swift, and relatively cool in comparison to most big rivers across the west today. The Yakima River is special and unique due to the fact the river flows are very high in July and August when trout need water the most.  Right now wade fisherman will have a tough time without the aid of a boat for transportation, and this is when guided fishing is the norm.  Even DIY boat rowers will have a heck of time staying in position in these big pushy currents. 

Our guests will enjoy long floats with litterally thousands of shots at great holding water against the shore.  The fishing isn't easy, but potential is there almost every cast as the fish have disperesed and spread out to enjoy the high flow. 

The tributary streams are all in great shape and fishing well.  We LOVE teaching anglers how to wade fish and improve their skills in all ways on small water.  If getting better at fishing on foot is what you are after, explore our University of Fly Fishing.  

Dry Humper Dry Fly


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