You Can Do This. Tips for Rowing Drift Boats and Framed Rafts

July 22, 2016

We love to see folks put on a safe well executed DIY float in the Yakima Canyon. While we do have an amazing guide staff, we know that there is a different satisfaction that comes with floating a river.  Its sort of a Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn adventure.  Its just fun being in charge of the float!  Our guides are very good at the finest level of navigating these big flows out here and getting your fly into the exact seamline necessary for catching fish.  I will give them a ton of credit because this is hard work.  However, we want our boat renters and boat owners to get some of the basics down pat so they too can get into some fish.

Here are some basic tips and ideas on how to better handle your boat or a rental boat.

  1. Joe you have the best instructional videos out there! I really appreciate all the information that you put out there for guys like me trying to get more into the sport. I really dig the rowing video, I'm going to be heading up your way for some rowing lessons this summer and the more information I can get before hand the better. Thanks to you and your shop for putting out all this vids, they truly make a difference to guys like me... S/F Kenneth
  2. Ken, thanks a ton. I love what I do and it really is nice to get it reinforced with a personal note. I would much rather teach folks some greater skills than focus exclusively on getting sales. I'll keep chipping away at them!
  3. Thanks Joe, great stuff!!! Big debate a few weeks back about casting and fishing etiquette with two anglers and a rower on a drift boat. Might be an idea for a followup video with your thoughts. You do a great job and I truly enjoy your insights and knowledge. Thanks again to you and the team at Red's. Mark Meyocks