You Need a Boat // Podcast Episode 38

January 28, 2020

As we all count the days till spring, maybe this is the year you either move all your old crap off the top of your pontoon boat OR invest in a watercraft to help elevate your fly fishing experience.  In this Podcast, I outline all the different types of watercraft that I have used and see get used from my perch here at Red's Fly Shop. Boat central.

The jist of this podcasts is that you don't have to buy an expensive boat, and definately not a drift boat.  There are LOTS of options out there and you need to make sure you'll use it before you buy it.  Have a good listen here and get your hands on some oars, or your feet in some fins this spring.

Here are some of the products I mention in this Podcast:

Float Tubes -

Used Drift Boats -

WaterMaster Boats -

FishCat Scout -

WaterMaster Bruin (2 Person Boat) -