Personal Watercraft // Fishalong Course


Utilizing a single person boat to access watercraft is a huge advantage. We use these boats on our local river, the Yakima River, and many lakes as well. Join us to learn new spots, skills, and become a more well rounded angler.


Become a Water Master

Using a personal watercraft, such as a WaterMaster, on rivers and lakes will give you the freedom and mobility to access water not heavily fished.  Our job is to show you how and where to use a personal watercraft.

River Trip Fishalongs

Anglers joining our personal watercraft river outings need to have some rowing and navigating experience. Students enrolled in our University of Fly Fishing are required to take Drift Boat Rowing lessons prior to joing a personal watercraft outing OR be able to demonstrate profficent rowing skills in their own personal watercraft.

Most of the time we only use oars on our personal watercraft on rivers, but there are times during the summer when anglers should use fins.  This is rare, but if you have fins please bring them to the outing.

Lake Fishalongs

We will go to both trout and bass lakes on these fishalong adventures.  Anglers should have boats equipped with oars and fins.  On the lake trips, fins are mandatory.


Cost and Details

Anglers are responsible for providing safe and functional personal watercraft of their own, or they can rent a boat from Red's Fly Shop for an additional fee.

  • $149
  • Enroll in Red's University of Fly Fishing
  • Rental WaterMaster Available for $109

Gear Requirments

  • Personal Watercraft (pontoon boat or WaterMaster style w/ oars)
  • Fly Rod and Reel (appropriate for species/destination)
  • Waders and Boots
  • Life Jacket
  • Anchor & Fins (on lakes only)
  • Flies
  • All Tackle Items (tippet, nippers, etc.)
  • Fishing License
  • Polarized Sunglasses


Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to make scheduling adventures with Red's stress free and fair for everyone involved. Cancellations made by the customer less than 24 hours from the start time, or failure to show, will forfeit 50% of the total cost.

If you cancel more than 24 hours from the start time, you may reschedule or request a refund - 5% to cover processing fees and labor. If Red's decides to cancel the event due to adverse conditions the customer may request a full refund.