FREE Fly Fishing Event // May 2nd, 2020


We'll just have to see what happens with the COVID-19 epedemic here.  At this time we are planning on either postponing or cancelling this event unless by some miracle we are able to host an outdoor, limited size version of this event.  Stay tuned here for updates but at this time we don't anticipate this event will happen.

Friday, May 1st - Friday Night

Women's Fly Fishing Event with KynsLee Scott 

Rendezvous 2018 (9)
Join KynsLee Scott and Mia Shephard at 5 pm for women's fly casting lessons followed by a women's wader fitting inside Canyon River Lodge sponsored by Simms. Wine is availabe!  Stay for our happy hour appetizers and "Wisdom of the Guides" event from 7 - 8:30 pm.

Saltwater Casting Clinic // Distance and Power

John Phipps Casting Big Fly in Ascension Bay Wading

Steve Joyce, Joe Rotter, George Cook, and other pros will put on a clinic for anyone that wants to add distance and power to their fly cast.  We will have rods available to demo, but if you want to work with an old favorite, bring it!  Happy hour and Wisdom of the Guides event to follow inside Canyon River Lodge.

May 2nd Event Details

rendezvous casting champions

PNW Fly Casting Championship // Non Pro Competition

watermaster1st Place - WaterMaster Kodiak - Expedition Series $1995 Value

2nd Place - Red's University of Fly Fishing Master's Degree $1,500 Value

This is a fun competition composed of non-pro anglers competing with 5 weight rods for accuracy on a timed course for big prizes!  Past winners are invited to compete as a non-pro as well and it's a hoot to watch some of the best casters in the PNW compete right here at the Red's Rendezvous!

  • 10 am - 2:30 pm - Qualifying Rounds *max of 3 attempts
  • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm - Non Pro Division Finals
  • 5 pm - Closing Ceremony / Pro Novelty Challenges

Beginner's Casting Schedule

  • 10 am Beginner's Fly Casting
  • 11 am Women's Fly Casting Lessons with KynsLee Scott
  • 12 pm Beginner's Fly Casting Lessons
  • 1 pm Beginner's Fly Casting Lessons
  • 2 pm Kid's Fly Casting Lessons
  • 3 pm Women's Fly Casting Lessons with KynsLee Scott and/or Mia Shephard

Women's Casting Lessons

Red's is both excited and fortunate to have two of the best women in the business here to teach casting specifically for women. Kynslee Scott and Mia Sheppard will be among our featured "celebreties" at the event! There will be free lessons during the day on Saturday, with the option to book some lessons on Friday evening and Sunday.  

Boat Rowing Instruction

clackacraftwatermasterRowing Demonstrations:

  • 11 am & 1 pm - Clackacraft Drift Boats will be in the upper eddy at the upstream end of the property demonstrating the basics of drfit boat rowing.
  • 10:30 am - 2:30 pm - WaterMaster Boat Demos. Float from the top end of Red's to the bottom end of Red's Fly Shop in a WaterMaster boat and try things out!

Worldwide Travel Seminars and Discussions

This is a chance for you to relax, enjoy a drink of some sort and listen to a friendly travel pro talk about the world's best fly fishing destinations and how to make the most out of your adventure.  We'll highlight the most interesting facts about each destination and answer all your questions on cost, flights, and more importantly... how to catch the maginficent species that swim there!

Indoor Seminar Schedule
  • 10 am - Marty and Mia Shephard - "Keep it Simple Steeheading" // Little Creek Outfitters
  • 11 am - Joe Rotter // Patagonia Trout Adventure
  • 12 pm - Joe Rotter and Steve Joyce // Places we fish around here OTHER than the Yakima
  • 1 pm - KynsLee Scott and Ricky Davidson // Fly Fishing Around Missoula
  • 2 pm Steve Joyce // Cuba and Ascension Bay
  • 3 pm - Joe Rotter // Christmas Island and Baja
Cooking Demonstration and Tips

steak62:30 pm - Canyon River Grill Chef Chance will be hosting a cooking demonstration inside Canyon River Lodge and is offering some amazing tips to help up your game in the kitchen.  

Riverside Seminars with Red's Pros

spey casting seminar at red's rendezvous

Riverfront Seminar Schedule
  • 10:30 am - Euro Nymphing Basics - Jason Lieverst of NymphMaster
  • 11:30 am - Scandi Techniques for Great Distance & Spey Casting - Mia Shephard
  • 12:30 pm - Trout Spey Fishing - George Cook
  • 1:30 pm - Euro Nymphing Advanced - Jason Lieverst of NymphMaster
  • 2:30 pm - OPST Pure Skagit Tactics - James Millard of OPST
  • 11:00 am - 3:00 pm - Spey Tune Ups - Casual instruction from various pros. Bring your waders, we'll have the rods.

Kid's Outdoor Activities

Air Rifle Range

We'll have a well supervised air rifle range available for kids. It's free and as long as kids have a good attitude and follow the rules we'll let them shoot about as much as they want.

Kid's Fly Fishing Lessons

12 pm - Bug Hunt - We'll take kids to the river and screen "trout food" out of the river and teach kids what trout in a river actually eat and what it looks like.

2 pm - Kid's Fly Casting Lessons - Let us give your kids a quick lesson and teach them to cast. It needs to be short, sweet, and FUN.  We'll get them start on the right track.