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Tying a Fly on Wade Fishing Teanaway
teaching 301 on the Teanaway River

Walking small streams in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains is the heart and soul of fly fishing. Join our friendly pros on walk 'n wade adventures hosted on numerous small streams in central Washington State. We'll teach technique as well as show you where to park, how to fish, and where to fish these smaller streams.

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Small Trout and Big Adventure

There are numerous small streams within a reasonable drive of Red's Fly Shop that we can show you. Our team will teach you how, where, and when to fish various tributaries in our area.  These streams are beautiful and located on public land.

You will improve both your skill and knowledge all in once course. Most of the time the instructor will arrange for students to caravan to a parking area in the vicinity and that way after class you can enjoy a full day of fly fishing in the area.

Where are We Going?

Some classes will have a pre-designated destination, while others will be "guide's choice" and they will take you to the destination they feel will offer the best adventure for that given day.  Once on the stream they will mentor while fishing and helping you learn to become a better small stream fisherman.

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Cost and Details

If your class date has a subtitle "Guide's Choice" the guide/instructor may contact you in advance, but plan to meet at Red's Fly Shop.  We often mix things up based on conditions and jump on the best available bite for any given day.

  • $129 per angler
  • Enroll in Red's University of Fly Fishing
  • Max 3:1 ratio

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Required Gear:

  • Fly Rod and Reel (2-3 weight reccomended)
  • 7.5' 4X Tapered Leader
  • 3X - 5X Tippet
  • Wading Boots
  • Wet Wading Gear (late June - September & waders if the weather is cold)
  • Nippers/Hemostats
  • Floatant
  • (12) Good Creek Flies (the instructor/guide can help on the morning of the outing)

Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Our goal is to make scheduling adventures with Red's stress free and fair for everyone involved. Cancellations made by the customer less than 24 hours from the start time, or failure to show, will forfeit 50% of the total cost.

If you cancel more than 24 hours from the start time, you may reschedule or request a refund - 5% to cover processing fees and labor. If Red's decides to cancel the event due to adverse conditions the customer may request a full refund.